Cats vs Dogs: An Adorable Rivalry


Picture by Casey Swafford

   Woof! Bark! Meow! These are the noises made by the two most popular types of household pets: cats and dogs. Since their domestication, dogs and cats have roamed throughout our homes, not just as pets, but as our friends. However, for a very long time, we humans have debated over which pet is superior to the other. Well, the answer to the question is obvious when you think about it: the best pet is the dog. Dogs are better than cats in almost every way possible and completely destroy their inferior, feline foes when they are compared. In every category you can think of, dogs have the edge. They are better companions, they are more fun to do things with, and they even look more adorable.   

   One example that was mentioned earlier is that dogs are better companions than cats are. Dogs were not given the title “man’s best friend” for no reason. One of their best traits as man’s best friend is  always getting extremely excited when in the presence of a human, and this brings a smile to their owner’s face.

   Their ability to make people happy with just their presence is why they make great companions, but can cats do that? No, they cannot; they cannot bring a smile to your face in any way, shape, or form (with only the exception of funny videos on YouTube; I will give them that one). Also, cats do not have the loyalty for their owners that dogs do. You can go online and find hundreds of stories in which a dog saves its owner’s life from death, but when you search for cats doing the same thing, you can only find a handful of stories in which a cat saves lives indirectly.

   Another example that explains how dogs are superior to the furball with four legs known as a “cat” is that they are better to do things with. For example, you can take dogs for a run, take them to a dog park, or play fetch with them in the backyard; the possibilities are endless. With a cat, however, these things are not possible. But then what can you do with a cat you may ask? Well, the most you can do with a cat is point a red laser around them and watch them go crazy for it. They are extremely boring animals, and it is a waste of time to try and do anything with them. The only purpose they can really serve is to provide an outlet for someone to talk to when he or she gets lonely.  

   One of the most important things when it comes to the vicious battle between cats and dogs is that dogs are more adorable than cats. Dogs look better than cats and are more fun to pet than their smaller, angrier rival. A majority of dogs enjoy being caressed by people, while many cats hiss and run away at the thought of being pet. I bet that right now a cat lover is saying, “ But Casey, you buffoon, you probably do not know how to properly pet a cat. You and your inferior dog-loving mind probably try to pet the cat too roughly, like a barbarian! Cats do not like that, you ignoramus!” Just to clarify things, yes, I do know how cats like to be treated; I am not stupid. The answer is simple: cats do not like human interaction as much as dogs do. Now, cats may be softer than the average dog, but this does not give them the edge when it comes to petting.

   When compared to each other, it should be obvious that the dog completely outmatches the cat when it comes to being a good household pet. They are better in almost every category and show more love to their owners than the emotionless, hate-filled cat. Without a doubt, dogs are superior to cats in almost every way possible and are more loving than any cat can ever be.