Captain Underpants is the Best Movie of 2017

By Tiffany Piedrasanta, Staff Writer

The film adaptation of the Captain Underpants series is brilliant. How so? When one watches Captain Underpants, a wave of nostalgia overwhelms those who read the graphic novels as young chaps. It demonstrates THE best method of turning a children’s classic into an animated film. Furthermore, it begins with a great introduction that endears the viewers to the characters.

The cinematic epic begins with two best-friends, George (voiced by Kevin Hart), and Harold (voiced by Thomas Middleditch), who are just finishing their latest adventure-filled comic book. Unfortunately, the comic is torn up by Mr. Krupp before their very eyes. Mr. Krupp is the boring and harsh principle (played by Ed Helms) of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. The antagonistic Mr. Krupp wants to ANNIHILATE the two young artists’ close friendship by placing them in separate classes. The young George reminds the viewer that, “Long distance relationships never work,” which provides the main storyline of this enthralling masterpiece.

The viewers have to watch the two young heroes face challenges to keep their friendship together. The movie treats us to a hilarious scene with sock puppets that illustrates what problems arise from long distance relationships, which drives the two boys to find a solution. So, they conceive of a masterful plan to stop Mr. Krupp from signing the ill-fated papers that would keep them apart. They agree that turning Mr. Krupp into the heroic Captain Underpants is a great opportunity to stop the separation. The transformation into Captain Underpants works perfectly, especially since Mr. Krupp looks just like the hero.

The film directly follows the caped crusader’s “costume” (or lack of one, rather) from the graphic novel. The suit is rather unique considering it only consists of a pair of underwear and polka-dotted curtains from Mr. Krupp’s office. Tearing off all your clothes and not changing into a costume seems the most effective method of saving a second more of time to fight crime. This should be a new trend with all the superhero films we receive every year and would save the costume designers a little time as well. Watching Captain Underpants in action is truly delightful, and his enthusiasm in his new heroic role makes the movie that much better. He takes saving the day from many evils very seriously, which is the kind of determination that make heroes great.

George and Harold have Captain Underpants go undercover as their school’s principal, and he does an amazing job. He allows the children to have as much fun as possible by ordering a carnival. However, the boys constantly struggle to maintain Mr. Krupp’s guise as Captain Underpants because of water reverting him back to the mean Mr. Krupp. However, by snapping, the two opportunists transform overbearing principal into the optimistic Captain Underpants.

The film wraps up nicely and gives the moviegoers great closure. The film provides relief in tying up loose ends – the boys are able to remain united and Captain Underpants obtains actual powers from some green toxic waste he miraculously finds. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is a must-see. A 100% for me really. It certainly did not waste an hour or so of my time watching it and it will not waste your time either. A diamond in the rough. Truly, the most important work of the current century.

*Fun Fact: There are eleven a’s in Traa la laaaaaaaa, our hero’s famous catchphrase.*