Parent Abuse


Picture by Sophie Mbela

By Sophie Mbela, Staff Writer

We’ve all seen the news reports and YouTube updates about yet another parent beating up their child. This is a major issue that deserves news coverage because violence should never be tolerated; especially, if it is recorded vertically through Facebook live on Instagram. However, people tend to forget about the parents. What about the mom that is being abused every day because her cooking sucks? Or that dad that is a total embarrassment? Yes, children should be protected, but we can’t forget about parents and parent abuse!

Parent abuse can be described as any harmful action that an offspring says or does to a parent in order to cause mental, emotional, or even physical damage. So pretty much parent abuse is exactly like child abuse, but for parents. DUH.

We see many different forms of parent abuse every day, but it is such an unfamiliar topic that we have grown to just ignore it. Just the other day, I was walking down Walmart. It was a pretty nice afternoon because everyone was wearing nice pyjamas and there was no random screaming in the aisles. Also, the employees were actually helpful this time, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I saw a mother lovingly point to a package of fresh and crispy broccoli while her five-year-old son sat in the cart. Then, out of nowhere, this kid smacked his mom right in the face! And I’m not talking about a small, playful slap. NOPE. It was the real thing. A hardcore Big Show slap right in the face. It was scarily reminiscent of that son that hit his mom on Dr. Phil.

So there I was, looking, just waiting for the crowd of shoppers to give that little boy a piece of wisdom or to roast the bad attitude from his body, but nothing happened. Everyone just went about their day like nothing happened. Even the security guard that was standing right next to the mom did absolutely nothing. It was like no one even witnessed what happened. I felt like some crazy psychopath. I had just witnessed an event that would have caused World War III in my house, and no one was doing anything about it!

And then I realized that I was the only one that was awake. I was the only WOKE person in the vicinity. Children have us all fooled! They hide their evil tactics behind a mask of cuteness and innocence, but it’s all a lie! Kids know exactly what they are. EVIL. And they have us all fooled. We always come to their rescue when anything bad happens to them, but we never help a parent in need. You don’t know how many times I have seen the watering eyes of a mom that feels unappreciated or the grown-man howls of a hated dad. This has to come to an end.

I’m calling all adults to come together and to fight against parent abuse. It’s your time to finally wake up. You all were once asleep, but I hope that you will become woke after reading this article. Stop allowing these little kids to run all over you. Remember, they are NOTHING without us! Who’s gonna feed them? Wash them? Clothe them? And love them?! NONE OF US if they don’t get their crud together and stop abusing their parents!