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Hi, my name is Layali Homod and I’m a staff writer for The Ubiquity. I've decided to join journalism because I feel that the

Hello! My name is Layali Homod and I am a staff writer for The Ubiquity. Currently, I am a Junior at QHHS, which means journalism is one of many activities I participate in. I am also involved with Mock Trial, MUN, CSF, and various other extracurriculars. While I am kept busy, I believe journalism is an activity/class that is essential. I am a member of The Ubiquity because I know that the freedom of the press, and the freedom to exercise that right, is critical for not only a society as a whole to grow, but for this school to grow alongside it. As a school, we need a public medium to address our concerns and our interests, which The Ubiquity provides. So, as a student at QHHS, I hope to provide a voice for those who do not have one.


Layali Homod, Staff Writer

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