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Pranesh Kumar
Hello, Rebels! My name is Pranesh Kumar, and I’m really looking forward to being a writer for the QHHS Ubiquity! I am in the shadow of a long list of “Kumars” at this school, but I will do my best to carry on the legacy of the name. Though my most admirable quality might be my ADDICTION to gummy bears, I also really enjoy randomly doing math puzzles, reading, running, and playing video games. Don’t be surprised if you see me squeezing in a Clash Royale battle on the way to another class. (No, it's not dead. Trust me.) It was my decision to join journalism because, from a young age, I have always had the desire to express my thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. Even though I am a freshman and I do identify as a little minnow in a big ocean, I still hope to supplement the journalism program to the best of my ability and improve my writing in the process.

Pranesh Kumar, Staff Writer

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