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In one word, I describe myself as colorful. I adore watching sunrises and sunsets, reading books by candlelight, going on picnics with the stereotypical plaid red blanket, drinking unholy amounts of coffee, and walking around barefoot. During the months of voluntary house arrest, I’ve done all of these, and I hope to do more. This year, I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Ubiquity, and I am counting on my passion for journalism and a stubborn amount of determination to help me do right under the position. You didn’t ask about random facts about me, but you’re going to get them anyways: “glorious” is my absolute favorite word - it rolls off the tongue so elegantly; purple, the hue for royalty, is my favorite color, with red and yellow coming in second and third, respectively; my name, Melissa, means honeybee, and I don’t think anything could fit me quite as well. I hope to create and oversee the production of articles that will encourage you to tap into the passionate, involved person you always had inside of you. Talk soon!


9.28.20 Update

Hey! So it has been roughly a month since I last checked in but, honestly, I wouldn’t say you’ve missed too much. All my time has been divided between schoolwork, college applications, my actual job, and extracurricular activities. I miss having the luxury of a free afternoon to read a book or watch TV. The worst part of all of this, though, is that even when I know I’ve been productive, there is no tangible evidence of my work. Everything I do for school is virtual now - there is no physical test that says “A+” and, frankly, it is getting to me. So, I bought myself a pink planner to help me visualize my accomplishments. I need something to keep me going, and if that something is going to be a satisfying checkmark next to a completed task, then so be it.

Melissa Canales, Editor in Chief

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