The Unwritten Rules Of Social Media

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The Unwritten Rules Of Social Media

Picture by Shruthi Kumar

Picture by Shruthi Kumar

Picture by Shruthi Kumar

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   For a majority of high schoolers, social media takes up a fair amount of a person’s time.  Whether it is viewing tweet wars between celebrities or posting food on Instagram, everyone follows and knows certain rules.

1. Hashtags

   This is often seen on almost every social media site, especially Instagram and Twitter. However, some people get out of hand when they start to have 10-15 hashtags following their post. We get it. You know how to use hashtags. Remember, three hashtags might be fine, but over six is definitely a no-no.


   Likes are a great way to tell the poster that you saw the post and you liked it, but sometimes this also gets out of control, especially when you get a notification about it. One can understand that you may like everything that someone is doing, but one does not need to go click on their profile and start double tapping everything on there. A good rule of thumb: if the post is over a week old when you see it, do not bother. Only like those that are recent. Also, do not like your own posts. That is just desperate.

3. Asking for Subscribers, Likes, Comments, and Shares

   We get that you want to be popular, but being annoying is not the way that you want to go. On Youtube, especially on music videos, people will often comment, asking others to like their comment or to go and subscribe to their channel. Once upon a time, that was okay, but now it just seems like you are attention hungry.

4. Song Lyrics

   Now we see this a lot. A person getting over a breakup will post shady pictures of themselves with dark song lyrics as the caption. Usually, the person will post hashtags just to let the world know how they are really feeling. Instead of letting the whole world know how you are feeling and that the best thing that relates to you right now is Panic! At The Disco, just go listen to P!ATD!

5. Follow for a Follow

   Sometimes, a person you do not know will follow you, then will immediately DM you asking for you to follow them back. If you do accept their request and follow them back, they will immediately unfollow you. If you really want followers, this is not the way to go about it.

6. Relationship Status

   On Facebook, a person can change their relationship status and doing so sends a notification to everyone following their page.  On-and-off couples have taken advantage of this: one person changes their status after a fight, then immediately changes it back again after making up. If you have to change your status that many times, just change it to “it’s complicated.”

7. “I look bad..”

   Now, this is something that we are all guilty of. Usually, a friend will post a picture with a caption describing what is going on. Then, someone else will come along and comment on the photo, saying that it was fun but that they look really bad in the photo. Now, this will prompt a whole slew of people replying, saying that they do not look bad at all. As the case with “Song Lyrics,” just keep your feelings to yourself.  

8. Post spamming

   This happens when the person decides to post all of their photos in their camera roll. They keep posting picture after picture until their followers’ feeds consist of just that person’s pictures. Make sure to space out posts.

9. TMI

   Sometimes, people do not understand the boundaries between being informative and giving way too much information. For example, someone could say that he or she is sick and stuck in bed, and that would be reasonable. What is not okay is when that person posts that he or she has been throwing up for nine hours continuously, then also adds pictures of them from different angles. Yuck.

10. Working Out

   Finally, we all have that one person who posts pictures at the gym while “working out.”  Even that “athlete” knows that, in order for them to take those pictures, they were not really working out. Stop making us feel bad, guys!

So, how many boundaries have you crossed?  

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