The Ubiquity


QHHS CampusPhoto by Cody Wilson

The word “ubiquity” means “the state of being everywhere at once.” In the same sense, we, the members of the Ubiquity staff, must be ubiquitous to capture the major events of the Quartz Hill High School campus in Lancaster, California. Although this task may seem impossible, we are devoted to our positions, and even if we do not witness an important occurrence, we will quickly obtain and report on the facts. Another aspect of this publication’s title is the paper’s widespread accessibility to our target audience, the students.

Due to our transition from print to Web, we can truly fulfill both aspects of the newspaper’s name. With weekly updates and the ability to feature videos and pictures, we are able to stay up-to-date and give a real sense of the activities occurring on the campus. Additionally, while the printed paper may have been limited by the amount of copies available and the distribution system, the online format is easily accessible and available for all to read. As a result, the Ubiquity is truly ubiquitous.

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