The Ubiquity

2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Lynn Lee Staff Writer See Lynn Lee’s profile
See Lynn Lee’s profile
Preslee Adams Staff Writer See Preslee Adams’s profile
See Preslee Adams’s profile
Alexis Menor Staff Writer See Alexis Menor’s profile
See Alexis Menor’s profile
Jada Hikary Staff Writer See Jada Hikary’s profile
See Jada Hikary’s profile
Mia Ogebe Staff Writer See Mia Ogebe’s profile
See Mia Ogebe’s profile
Faith Crossan Staff Writer See Faith Crossan’s profile
See Faith Crossan’s profile
Evelyn Paulino Staff Writer See Evelyn Paulino’s profile
See Evelyn Paulino’s profile
Diego Caceres Staff Writer See Diego Caceres’s profile
See Diego Caceres’s profile
Angelina Joleen Tayama Reyes-Chavez Staff Writer See Angelina Joleen Tayama Reyes-Chavez’s profile
See Angelina Joleen Tayama Reyes-Chavez’s profile
Anicia Aguilar Staff Writer See Anicia Aguilar’s profile
See Anicia Aguilar’s profile
Ashlee Guardado Staff Writer See Ashlee Guardado’s profile
See Ashlee Guardado’s profile
Aidan Sidikpramana Staff Writer See Aidan Sidikpramana’s profile
See Aidan Sidikpramana’s profile
Antonio Caceres Staff Writer See Antonio Caceres’s profile
See Antonio Caceres’s profile
Brian Kim Staff Writer See Brian Kim’s profile
See Brian Kim’s profile
Dinh Duong Staff Writer See Dinh Duong’s profile
See Dinh Duong’s profile
Nilesh Kumar Staff Writer See Nilesh Kumar’s profile
See Nilesh Kumar’s profile
Syed Islam Staff Writer See Syed Islam’s profile
See Syed Islam’s profile
Patrick Park Staff Writer See Patrick Park’s profile
See Patrick Park’s profile
Brandon Kim Multimedia Editor See Brandon Kim’s profile
See Brandon Kim’s profile
Alex Kim Staff Writer See Alex Kim’s profile
See Alex Kim’s profile
Pranesh Kumar Copy Editor See Pranesh Kumar’s profile
See Pranesh Kumar’s profile
Violet Mbela Assistant Editor See Violet Mbela’s profile
See Violet Mbela’s profile
Melissa Canales Editor in Chief See Melissa Canales’s profile
See Melissa Canales’s profile
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