Dancing Punishable by Suspension?


Picture by Nhan Le

Julian Krzysiak dancing

   Oppression is the only word that can describe the tragic event that occurred on the day of the Great American Shake Out. Julian Krzysiak, a senior of the IB program, was given OCD and was threatened with suspension for dancing during the earthquake drill. Although these threats were not followed up on, it does not change the fact that the school threatened Krzysiak with it, and this was completely out of line for what he did. Now, I am not saying he should not have be punished at all; he should have taken the drill more seriously, but what happened was completely ridiculous.

   Another IB student, Michael La, stated, “I just saw a big crowd starting to form around, a big circle, and I walk[ed] to the center and … [saw] Julian and his comrades dancing their crazy dance … Then, all of a sudden, security came, and they grabbed him and said, ’Stop dancing.’ He started dancing again, and then, security came back and took him away.”

  Krzysiak was just dancing with friends to pass the time. There is nothing criminal with this. Now, the opposing argument may say, “The earthquake drill was something very serious; the last thing he should have done was start dancing.” That is correct to a degree, but the fact that suspension was considered is insane. One can understand that security did not want students acting this way during something so important.

   The administrators somewhat redeemed themselves when they revoked their threats of suspension, but the fact that it happened is stupid. Hopefully, all of us, students and administrators alike, can learn from this and avoid incidents like it in the future.