Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentines Day Date Ideas

Picture by Studio Starfish

     Since Christmas and New Years have passed by, Valentine’s Day is the next holiday to look forward to. The aisles of supermarkets have begun to fill up with gifts catered to your significant other. But what are gifts if they do not have a cute date? Here are four Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your boo!

1. Go on a drive-in movie date!

Grab your car and your date, and hit up some of the drive-in movie spots. Although this is a cheap date idea, this romantic gesture will leave your girl feeling like a million bucks! All you need is a car, a few blankets, pillows, some snacks for the movie, and your gorgeous date.

2. Go to a lantern festival!

Los Angeles has to be the trendiest city ever! Lantern lighting festivals are held throughout the year, and they would make for an awesome date. Snuggle up next to your loved one and watch as the lanterns are set free. Take cute pictures and post them for your friends to see how lucky you and your girlfriend are!

3. Take your significant other, hike up to Griffith Park, and have a picnic!

What’s more romantic than cuddling next to your lover under the stars? Pick out a location to hike to and plan beforehand, just in case you get lost. Bring a basket and pack all of your girlfriend’s favorite food. This will surely have them head over heels for you!

4. Go to the Broad or LACMA

Looking for something free and romantic? Take your date to the Broad or LACMA located in Los Angeles. These trendy museums are filled with floors and floors of art, ranging from modern to historic. You and your date can become art historians for a day, and adventure throughout the halls of art. Do not forget to take cute pictures and show them off to your friends!

5. Go to an escape room!

If you and your date like to be in scary and intense situations, an escape room is the way to go. The Basement in Los Angeles is one of the most popular escape rooms. With different rooms to try out, you and your date can explore them all! Solving riddles and puzzles while screaming alongside your best friend… No date can get any better! Book your tickets now before they sell out and have the best time ever!