Top Party Schools To Visit This Spring Break

Looking for a fun way to enjoy your spring break? Head to the top party schools in California, and dance the night away. Have a safe and fun road trip with a couple of friends! Nothing is better than having some quality time with your best friends. Below are some of the best known party schools in California. Check them out and decide where your first stop is going to be!

1. University of California, Santa Barbara
UC Santa Barbara is located right by the beach, and it is one of the first names you hear when someone says, “What’s the best party school to go to in California?” This school not only studies hard, but also parties hard. As of 2013, UCSB was ranked #2 on the list of best party schools in the country. Their campus is filled with lively people and parties every weekend. Pack your car and head to Santa Barbara to enjoy a night out with your friends.

2. University of California, San Diego
Don’t let the high academic profile of this school fool you. UC San Diego is known as one of the most popular party schools in California. One of their special events, the Sun God Festival, is held during the springtime. Imitative of “Coachella,” many famous artists come out to perform and have a good time. Travel to San Diego and enjoy some good music and food with your friends. Party till the sun goes down, and do it again the next day! A little fun can’t hurt.

3. University of California, Riverside
Located right by downtown Riverside, this university is crawling with party animals. If you are looking for a good time, drive down to UC Riverside and party with the students. Dance to good music, and enjoy your spring break! Not looking for a house party? That is okay. UCR also holds many events at the school itself. From free concerts to theatrical performances, this university is lively in every way possible.

4. University of Southern California
As one of the top UC’s, this university is also regarded as a party school. The students aren’t just competitive for schooling; they are also hardcore party goers. The frat houses are highly known for their parties, and with many different frat houses come many different parties. Grab your friends and forget about all your stress for one day.