Upcoming Try-Outs and Plans for Soccer


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Leaves are falling, and the smell of pumpkin is in the air. However, that’s not what members of the soccer club are looking forward to. As we get closer to Halloween, the season for soccer is about to begin. At the first Soccer Club meeting, President ShaiAnne Irving and Vice President Alexandria Alatorre talked about the upcoming events for the soccer teams at QHHS and what the club plans to do at the Homecoming Carnival to fundraise money for the end of the year field trip.

The Soccer Club will be participating and selling food at the carnival. Not only that, but they will also have games. There’s still an issue of what food the club will be selling due to the food regulations set by the school. There are still ideas going around on what games should be put out for the students due to budget constraints.

Some games in mind are the soccer versions of hamster ball and a dart game. The former game is where a participant would put a hamster ball on the upper part of their body. Two people will go against each other wearing the hamster balls and play a one versus one mini soccer game.

The other game in mind is the soccer version of darts, also known as Foot Dart. Soccer club representatives would set up a large dartboard, like a roulette wheel. The dartboard is like the goal in a soccer game, but the goal is to aim for a specific part on the board. The money fundraised from the carnival will go towards the booster club for all the equipment needed for both soccer teams at QHHS.

The boys’ soccer tryouts will be held on November 14th for a week straight. Captain of last year’s soccer team Christian Gonzalez is very excited for the upcoming season and ready to bring another Golden League title home. For this upcoming season, he expects “scrimmaging but also a couple of fitness tests to see if everyone can handle the speed of the beautiful game.” The team expects new and fresh talent to be brought forth for the new upcoming year, making this year even better than the last.

The girls’ soccer team tryouts will be held on November 13th, only for freshmen and players new to the school or players trying out for the first time. Returning players will have tryouts beginning November 14th. Players should not wear club attire. Players should bring cleats, water, shin guards, and a ball. There will be drills such as ball work, running, and W’s at tryouts.

However, if anyone plans on trying out, they should meet the requirements needed to be on any school team. They must have a 2.0 GPA or higher. In order to try out and do any kind of physical activities, one has to be cleared by turning in your athletic’s packet, so they should make sure to do that before tryouts.

Make sure to help and come support the Soccer Club at the Homecoming Festival on October 6th!