Gay Straight Alliance Club Profile

By Taylor Lowe, Assistant Editor

Quartz Hill High School offers a variety of clubs ranging from the Robotics team to the Needle Crafters Club; there is definitely something for everyone. The Gay-Straight Alliance, also known as the GSA, reaches out to all people in the hope of creating a more diverse and accepting campus. The club holds meetings the third Thursday of every month in room 217 and has a Facebook page run by Mrs. Leslie, a forensic biology teacher and coordinator for the GSA.

GSA President Rachel Avalon has many plans for the future of the GSA. She wants to become more well-known with all students on campus. Her plans are very straight-forward and flexible, making the GSA still accessible for a student with a packed schedule.

Avalon explained, “Something I have been trying to do is activities such as coloring, but most activities will be discussed by the club before they happen.”

The Quartz Hill High School GSA has been a part of the school for many years. According to Mrs. Leslie, it has continuously become more active, but they would like to become more active by taking part in events and holding on-campus rallies. Rachel Avalon would also like to point out that there is room for anyone willing to commit to the GSA as a cabinet member.

There are many misconceptions that come with the GSA. Club members say that it’s not exclusive to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Rather, it’s open for anyone willing to make a change and lead the youth into a more accepting society.  Multiple studies show that students feel safer and bullying rates are lower at schools with a gay-straight alliance compared to those without.

The GSA holds a valuable spot on the Quartz Hill High School campus.  Mrs. Leslie described the GSA as “a safe space that is welcome to anyone who is supportive.” Another large misconception is that the GSA is just an organization of types. Instead, GSA is a club to have fun, make friends, and grow as people. Helping out the community and growing together as an organization are main goals of the club.

If you are interested in joining the GSA, go to Mrs. Leslie’s room to find out how to become a part of the club to make a change or just have fun and make new friends. There are openings for members and many fun activities in store for this semester.