The Spring Assembly: In Review


By Jennifer Quijada, Staff Writer

On April 16, 2018,  Quartz Hill High School had their annual Spring Assembly inside the large gym. The theme of this year’s Spring Assembly was the 60’s. This groovy assembly took place during third period and followed the 3ABC schedule.

Vocal Association, Spanish Club, Dance Team, Cheer, Drama Club, and Hip-Hop Squad provided outstanding performances during the assembly. Dominique Betetta sang the National Anthem, Elizabeth Aguilar sang “Anyways” by Tori Kelly, and Caleel Dyette danced to the song “I Can Make Ya” by Fingazz. The MC’s were Kennedy Porter and Jacob Williams.

Elizabeth Reyes, a senior in QHHS, especially enjoyed the MC’s. She stated that, “they were really funny! We laughed at the dad jokes… that was the best part. I also liked the dances and the choir.”

Brendan Smith, a sophomore, also enjoyed the MC’s performance. He commented that he, “…came for the sixties music, [but] stayed for the dad jokes.”

A common complaint, however, was the lack of sixties music, despite the theme. Junior Uriel Aguirre questioned, “If it’s going to be a sixties themed assembly, why don’t you have sixties music?”

Despite this, the students overall enjoyed themselves and had a great time. “I thought [the Spring Assembly] was cool! I loved the hip hop team. They danced really well,” gushed Dalila Solis, a sophomore.

A few changes were made for this assembly, however. In 2016, ASB allowed all the members of that season’s sports’ teams to be in the assembly to perform their team chant. But, in 2017, ASB completely changed that and made the rule that only the team captain was able to be in the assembly. “It was hard to incorporate the whole team,” Triveni Patel explained. But, with only the team captains, ASB was able to create mini games against different sports’ teams between performances. This Spring Assembly, ASB excluded all the team captains from the assembly as well due to an injury caused by the hamster ball event during the last assembly.  

Much planning went into making this assembly great. The largest amount of work was done by the Assembly Commissioners: Samantha Cheng, Kitari Taton, and Lauren Rickert. The members on their committee and the rest of ASB, including Mr. Manthey, helped them. Samantha Cheng started planning this assembly in February, and they contacted all the performers about a month prior.

“This assembly took about two months to plan. We chose the theme a few weeks after the Winter Assembly, which gave us around a month and a half to plan, make decorations, and contact performers,” Cheng stated. Discussing anticipating accidents, Cheng explained, “It’s hard to have a set idea of how you want the assembly to go besides hoping that nothing goes wrong. Each assembly is different and this one was absolutely amazing.”

Overall, the students had a positive response to this assembly, and ASB’s hard work showed this year. As senior Jocelyn Martinez says, “I liked the assembly. The dances were good, the theme was good. I think everyone did a good job.” We hope that the passion for QHHS assemblies will continue to show next year with the new Assembly Commissioners!