Top Five Infinity War Fan Theories


Picture by Digital Spy

By Shruthi Kumar, Staff Writer

Infinity War has been the most talked about movie since last weekend, and waiting in the lines to the latest movie in the Marvel franchise were long and time-consuming. Although we all love watching and experiencing the movies as they come, the months and months of theorizing and pondering (and wondering if your favorite character is going to die or not) definitely adds to the experience. This time, the Ubiquity takes on the most popular fan theories about Infinity War.

WARNING: Some of these theories may or may not be true. Some theories might contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!

  1. Doctor Strange’s Time Travel

Obviously, Doctor Strange has quickly grown to be a favorite amongst the Marvel fans. Something about his dry sarcasm, the wise and controlled use of his powers, and, of course, the face of Benedict Cumberbatch has made the character truly hold a place in our hearts. However, this doctor is more than his comments and witticisms. In a fan theory, one speculated that his powers might be used in the long run against Thanos, maybe even giving the Avengers a second chance (and possibly even more) to fight the purple grape.

  1. The Real Villain of Infinity War

Okay, so everyone hates Thanos (a.k.a the purple prune), but there’s speculation that this baddie isn’t the actual big boss of Infinity War. Well, not in the way you think. Loki certainly lives up to his title as God Of Mischief in this theory because it states that everything was caused by this troublesome trickster. The mishap with the Tesseract, control over Asgard, everything was set into motion by his actions, which leaves fans wondering what cataclysmic event he might trigger next. Hey, we aren’t really sure he’s dead. It could have been one of those illusions he liked to pull.

  1. Who is Gamora?

Gamora, part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, full-time realist (and part-time Star Lord’s girlfriend but shhhh), definitely had a bigger role to play in Infinity War. The audience finally saw more into her mysterious upbringing and her dysfunctional relationship with her father (Thanos). Although fans were sad to see her being chucked off a cliff by her dear, old dad, there’s a theory that, since Thanos has all the Infinity Stones, he’ll be able to turn back time or do something to get his precious daughter back.

  1. Clint? Who–Who is that?

Clint, also known as Hawkeye, is really an underrated character in the MCU. Come on, guys, he literally fought an alien invasion with bow and arrows. Aliens. Bows. Arrows. He’s super cool! Unfortunately, the audience wasn’t able to see the Avenger in Infinity War, stating that Barton wanted to take care of his family, but there’s speculation that the Avenger will make an appearance in the upcoming movie!

  1. The Death of America

This one… might be the saddest theory of them all. Viewers reported that Marvel had broadcasted an ad asking people to be extras in a funeral scene. There was no funeral scene in Infinity War, which means there might be one in the upcoming Avengers movie. But, a few weeks after the ad had been placed, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, announced that Avengers 4 would be his last movie as the Star-Spangled Soldier. Are we finally saying goodbye to the Captain? (As an avid member of Team Iron Man, I sure hope so).