Girls’ Golf


By Dean Payne , Staff Writer

The Rebels girls’ golf team played in the Walnut Tournament, which is a tournament where different teams from Southern California compete. Though the Rebels are dominant when it comes to competition in the valley, the Walnut Tournament gave the team exposure to competition outside of the Antelope Valley, opening their eyes and hopefully inspiring them to work harder the following years.

Halle Boulger, a player on the Girl’s golf team mentioned: “We came in second, which was a huge accomplishment for our team. The other teams were a lot harder than we expected, but we still were one of the better teams among them.”

The Rebels performed well at the tournament despite going up against better competition. In addition to this, the Rebels were playing on a new course, so the team couldn’t perform to the best of its ability. Still, the team managed to win a few games despite this major setback.

Player Julia Ban stated: “We practice from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Monday-Thursday. Our coaches, Coach Pratt and Coach Mahady, help with our posture and the mentality [of the team].”

The coaching staff plays an enormous role in helping the players perfect during their play. The coaches are able to watch the players and make sure that their posture is correct, especially because posture plays such an important role in the performance of golf.

With the team starting the year out strong, both in practice and in games, it has its eyes set on the CIF title. The girls are confident in their ability to bring home a CIF title because of their outperformance of other schools in the valley and some schools outside of the valley. In addition to the team’s ability, the team itself has very talented individual players. This, of course, adds to the team’s set of strengths.

Boulger also added: “The team goal is to win league and then CIF. Seeing how the team has been doing, I think we have a really strong chance to take [the title] home.”

With all of the practice from the players and the input from the coaches, the girls golf team is striving to win league and then hopefully win CIF. With a long history of well-performing golf teams at QH, the Rebel girls’ golf team hope to keep this undefeated streak alive.