Grind Time Playlist

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Grind Time Playlist

By Shruthi Kumar, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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    It’s that time of the year. AP and IB tests are in the air, kids are crying on their way from the Village to the 100 Quad, and teachers are wondering why all their classes are empty. If you’re a struggling student contemplating why you even bothered to take these classes and are finding yourself needing a playlist to help you with your stress, the Ubiquity’s got you covered.


  1. HUMBLE.

First on our list is the 2017 hit by Kendrick Lamar. Don’t let the year scare you; this well-known song is still a must-have on every ‘grind time’ playlist. The simple beat paired with Lamar’s flowing verses is destined to give you the burst of confidence you need to get through these rough two weeks.


        2. Sunflower

Rex Orange County is known as the artist to go to for chill vibes. Sometimes, when you’re overloaded, a chill track is exactly what you need. “Sunflower” starts off pretty slow, but the upbeat tempo swings in right at the middle. Rex Orange County has your back, when you’re having post-test depression, “Sunflower” is guaranteed to bring your spirits up.


        3. Feel Good Inc.

Gorillaz is that band that everyone has listened to, but didn’t truly listen to. Well, we’re bringing them back for this playlist, featuring their track from their 2011 album ‘Demon Days.’ Gorillaz highlights a variety of simple chords, a repeating beat, accompanied with a set of strong vocals. The verses dropped in this song will stay in your head for the rest of the day.


       4. It’s Time

Enough with the chill tracks! You’re going to fall asleep at this rate. “It’s Time” features Steve Aoki, DJ genius, and Laidback Luke in a battle for the song. It is a great track to celebrate your victory over Collegeboard or even to get you happier after a few grueling hours in the small gym. You can thank TikTok for this song addition.


       5. Bad Guy

Billie Eilish has never been the first choice for a grind time playlist, but with her new album, she’s slowly making her way with fresh new beats to get our head nodding and our feet tapping. “Bad Guy” combines a synth track with her soft, airy vocals, and, to everyone’s surprise, it’s very catchy. This song is guaranteed to get you working and hyped at the same time.


    We here at the Ubiquity wish you best of luck with your AP and IB tests