Back To School Shopping For Broke People


By Josie Nadolny, Copy Editor

As the students at Quartz Hill High School begin a new school year, they face a wave of multiple academic expenses.  Whether it’s the ASB cards, college applications, SATs, or summer reading books, going back to school is costly. Some of these expenses are unavoidable; fortunately for us, there are a few ways to make the most out of our money when summer comes to an end.  

In school, especially if you have multiple demanding classes, it’s best to stay as organized as possible.  To do this, some students need five or more binders, notebooks, and folders just to be content for a semester; not to mention the writing utensils needed to do the work in the first place.  I wish I knew the secret to getting these materials for free without committing a felony. However, there are a few legal ways to acquire these items at a fair price.  

  1. Have a shopping list

One of the most important things to do when you’re shopping is to have an idea of what you want.  This prevents you from being tempted to get items you don’t need. Instead, you can go straight to your isle of interest, get what you need, and get out; saving you time and money.  

    2/3.  Get the basics & D.I.Y.

Yes, it’s fun having printed notebooks with stripes or photos of puppies on them, but it is also a waste of money.  Instead of buying overpriced books of blank paper, substitute them for cheap, solid colored notebooks. Not only are these notebooks reasonably priced, they are also blank canvases for your imagination to run free.  This is where the “D.I.Y.” comes into play. Instead of settling for a boring notebook, spruce it up a bit; add stickers, paint, draw, or throw on some photos of your friends. Any of these things will spice up your mood during a long day at school without hurting your bank account, of course.

  1. Shop at the right places

Now, I’m all about supporting independent businesses, but when you’re working with a budget, it’s not always practical.  Larger companies, such as Walmart, Target, and Office Depot are able to get these products for little to nothing. Notebooks and folders for the price of a mere twenty-five cents is unbeatable.  Spending less on the basic materials allows you to get more exciting items, i.e. colorful pencils, markers, a new backpack, or a new outfit.  

  1. Buy in bulk

Students go through notebooks in a second, pencils disappear into thin air, and folders fall apart.  We’ve all gone through it, but not all of us are prepared for it. Instead of rushing to the market the second an item of yours is gone, have another one on deck at home. This allows you to get the back-to-school discounts and eliminates the worry of a product being unavailable.