2019- The Year Fashion Trends Died with Gen Z

2019- The Year Fashion Trends Died with Gen Z

By Emma Montesdeoca, Staff Writer

It’s about time someone addressed the real problems around the Antelope Valley. It all started with the sandals and socks, then the crop tops, and then ripped jeans. When will this utter destruction of fashion end? What will it take to stop the future of mankind from wearing tiny sunglasses and oversized pants?

The answers do not lie within the future of fashion; a future in which mom jeans and tucked-in shirts with floppy sun hats will become formal dress. Rather, the answer lies in the past– specifically the early 1800’s. At that time, proper attire would include shoe length dresses, stockings, laced up shoes, and bonnets for the ladies. Men would wear a proper suit and shoes– all firmly held in place with a belt, (something which is now scarcely seen). However, this dream has a long way before becoming reality, as the persistence of the Generation Z to have “freedom of dress” continues to thwart any attempts at proper attire.

Quite a few of these so-called “fashion trends” tend to confuse and upset the aging generations. Pants do not need more than three holes. It’s absurd! Why would anyone pay money for that! I mean, how dare a high schooler look at something as ridiculous as ripped jeans and think, “Those look like something I would wear and feel comfortable and empowered in.” The painting of shorts and writing on shirts gain a similar reaction from those who choose not to embrace these asylum-worthy ideas. Clothing was never meant to be used as a way to express creative talent or the unique aspect of a human being!

The whole idea of being able to dress as freely as a person pleases is utterly ridiculous. There is no reason as to why anyone would want to express themselves in what they wear. Why would the teenagers of today want to embrace the idea of individuality through ripped jeans, worn-out shoes and a band shirt when instead they could just submit to the ideals and pressures of their older overlords and a less inclusive society? The ideals of the newer generations are reflected within their fashion trends, and it’s absolutely appalling that everything isn’t monotone, boring, and plain! 

It is now in the hands of the good folk of the Antelope Valley to rise together against this terrible threat to fashion. Don’t act as if it’s not worse than global warming. Something must be done. Let us rise against the idea of expression through fashion!