Kindness Rally

By Aidan Sidikpramana , Staff Writer

The Kindness Rally held on Friday, September 20, marked the end of Kindness Week here at Quartz Hill High School. Throughout the week, many people participated in the color-oriented festivities, wearing red, yellow, blue, purple, and multi-colors on each day respectively. The week was very eventful, with small pop-up activities occurring almost daily in the main quad.  Fun and engaging activities such as face painting and note writing helped ASB develop their kindness theme more than any other year. But they did not stop there: all their hard work culminated in the great success of the Kindness Rally that concluded the spirit week.


From giant Jenga blocks to a dance floor, ASB planned for all types of students to enjoy the Kindness Week Picnic Rally. As many of you may have noticed, there were a lot more activities available than there were at the previous rally in years prior. When asked why, Jonah Knittle, a junior and an ASB Spirit Week Coordinator said, “We were trying out a new format for rallies and this was our test run of sorts!”


In an effort to make sure the diverse groups that constitute the student body participated, ASB attempted to spread more activities across the campus as a sort of outreach meant to draw in students to participate. “It was the first rally that we have ever done that was this large, and the whole point of having a rally this big was to get more students involved!” says Joey Mahady, Junior and ASB Secretary of the Class of 2021.


The impressive turnout of students across the school was a testament to the unparalleled success ASB has had this year in hosting engaging school events that continue to leave students craving more. The rallies have been met with a pleased student body thus far, who have shown their enthusiasm through their presence at the various activities available. The picnic rally wrapped up Kindness Week on a good note, leaving many wondering what ASB has prepared for the quickly-approaching HOCO week.