Our World is On Fire

Since the start of July this year, countries all across the globe have been taken over by destructive flames. To be specific, our northern hemisphere. 

Many parts of Europe, such as Greece, Turkey, Italy, Russia, and France, have been affected by fires. In both Italy and Greece, more than 500 fires have caused the evacuation of thousands of citizens. As people have run in fear, fires have been burning the forests in these countries to ash. There have been at least four reported deaths and over 20 injuries in these two countries. In Turkey, at least eight people have been killed due to fires. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared that these are the “worst wildfires” the country has ever seen. 

In other parts of the world, like Africa and Asia, fires have also taken over the lives of many. In Lebanon, a 15-year-old was killed while assisting firefighters. In Jerusalem, significant fires were contained rather quickly and did not cause any severe injuries. According to local authorities, over 90 people have been reported dead in Algeria due to wildfires. Among these people were 33 soldiers. 

These quick-spreading wildfires have significantly impacted the western parts of the United States. Parts of Oregon and California have been engulfed in flames for the past two months. Both the Oregon and California fires combined have burned over 230,000 hectares. This is adding to the one million hectares already burned nationwide. 

The Dixie Fire in California has already destroyed over 1,200 structures. It has also burned almost one million acres and has forced thousands of people to evacuate from their homes. Only one other fire in California has been more extensive and more destructive than this one. There have also been fires in Canada that have done a great deal of damage across the neighboring nation. 

The “record-breaking” temperatures this past summer have caused indescribable damage to our planet. These have come to be known as some of the “deadliest” wildfires the world has ever seen. Since 1911, wildfires have injured or killed over 4,500 people worldwide.

There is no doubt that these fires are a result of global warming and climate change. Whether it be natural or manufactured, it will continue to result in disaster. If the human population does not decide to help the situation, these fires will only get worse. 

Climate change and global warming will continue to increase these “record-breaking” temperatures that can and will continue to cause devastating harm to our world.