The Weeknd Concert Cancellation

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, is one of the top-rated musicians in the world and has touched the hearts of millions. However, in one of his concerts at the Sofi Stadium, the hearts he touched with his music shattered after he canceled his show due to losing his voice mid-concert. Many people were bashing him online, but does he deserve all this hate?

Everyone could tell how devastated he was when he announced the disappointing news. He felt even worse than anyone there because he knew how important it was to most. He knew the sacrifices people made to come to see his show and support him. Before he left, Tesfaye told everyone he would reschedule the concert and refund everyone’s tickets. Some attendees understood that and were okay if they were getting their money back, but others became hateful towards him. 

People on social media began saying cruel things to him and making fun of him for canceling. Some hateful things said were, “From can’t feel my face, to can’t hear my voice.” Others were saying things like, “he sucks anyways,” and fans weren’t going to miss much. Some fans were going as far as calling him a clown and a loser for canceling a concert for losing his voice. 

While some are bashing The Weeknd, others understand his situation and are more lenient with the action he has to take. One fan said, “At least he was decent enough to refund the concertgoers. Many others wouldn’t have done that.” Others understood how losing his voice affected him more than his fans. Some fans noticed the disappointment on his face and in his voice. In an interview after the show, one fan said, “Better for him to cancel and reschedule than damaging his voice and powering through the set and giving fans a lousy performance.”

So although the tragic news hit the sold-out crowd, it seems that The Weeknd truly cares for his fans. Hopefully, the money goes back to those who attended the concert, or they may be able to attend one of these newly scheduled concerts. Whichever happens, fans shouldn’t be bashing someone like this who truly cares for the people that helped him succeed.