Alabama birthday party shooting


By Eddie Kang

The Alabama birthday party shooting started on April 15, 2023. There were massive casualties during the incident. Three teenagers caused this massive incident. This event was one of the 165 US mass shootings in months.

Four people were found killed during the Alabama birthday party shooting, and 28 people were injured. The officials say 15 teenagers are being patched up from their gun wounds early on Sunday. The nine injured people have been moved to different medical hospitals. Five of the injured people were in severely critical condition, but four were able to be stabilized.

During Collin’s sister’s party, Collins’s mother had heard that someone had a gun, so she told them to leave, but there was no gun to see. They have not heard a fight near the area. The noise of gunshots suddenly appeared when the people were dancing to the music.

The suspects were Wilson LaMar Hil Jr., age 20, Ty Reik, and Travis Mc Cullough, ages 16 and 17. Hill Jr. was arrested and charged with reckless murder on Wednesday. Then the brothers McCullough were also arrested and charged with reckless murder as adults. The suspects are now in prison in Tallapoosa County Jail.

The deceased people were all teenagers. The victims’ names were Shaunkivia Smith, Marsiah Collins, Corbin Holston, and Philstavious Dowdell.

The incident caused to form two heroes who died saving their families. When the shooting continued, Dowell saved his younger sister by grabbing and pushing her toward the ground. Dowell’s sister was with him during the last moment of his life and caused her and the family torment. Holston had his young relative during the shooting before he died.

Dowdell was known as a hometown hero and a very talented athlete. Many people who knew him said they loved him, and he smiled at everyone. The football coach and his staff were heartbroken when they heard of Dowedell’s death. Marasiah was a football player who wanted to become a lawyer. His mother said, “He was the light of every room he walked into.” Smith was a kind person who helped her mother in any way she could and took care of her younger brother through her cousin, Amy Jackson. Holston was known as a selfless person who wanted to protect his family. His family said, “I want people to remember he was selfless.” They said that he would respond straight away if anyone needed his help. 

The motive behind this incident is still unknown.