Girls Tennis Team Profile

   As the 2016-2017 year starts, one of the first sports to take action on the campus is Quartz Hill girls tennis. The girls are divided into two respective teams: junior varsity and varsity. This year, the junior varsity team is coached by Jerry Ogden while Coach Liz Litchfield coaches girls varsity. This year’s lineup is quite diverse in comparison to previous years, as many of the strongest players such as Sydney Gore and Karlie Heckenliable have graduated, leaving room for new players to join the team and possibly replace their coveted spots in QHHS tennis history.

Girls Tennis 2016

   This year, the captains for girl tennis include Brienna Best and Emily Dipressi, a 4 year team member, 3 year varsity player, and first year captain. Under new leadership, they hope to bring the QHHS girls tennis team to victory once again, as they have been undefeated for 27 years straight. This overall undefeated record includes the girls winning 14 out of the 14 games played last year and ultimately making it to Golden League, a coveted and prestigious position for all sports alike.

   While both Brienna and Emily are bringing their best to this season in hopes of maintaining their undefeated record, they both hope “to have fun playing tennis with [their] teammates,” the ultimate goal of any sport.

Girls Tennis 2016

   The first game of the tennis season, a preseason match, is set to take place on August 29th with the first actual league match being set to take place on September 6th. In reference to the first game of the season, tennis season officially started on August 12th,  and Golden League officially ends the season on October 22nd with the finals for both individuals and doubles.

Girls Tennis 2016 Golden League, the team has the ability to advance onto CIF, where they will prolong their season until they either lose or win the CIF title, gaining fame and honor for QHHS regardless if they are victorious or not.

   Also, with the start of the tennis season this year, the team is set to slightly change their uniforms with varsity keeping the same blue and yellow skirt while receiving different tops, visors, and long sleeves. On the other hand, junior varsity will be getting new skirts while reusing the same tops from last seasons. The tennis team is also set to possibly receive windbreakers too, as they have been one of the most requested article of clothing from both tennis teams.

   Girls Tennis 2016   Hopefully this year’s girls tennis team will lead to exciting results with the girls being able to hold their title of being undefeated for 27 years in Golden League.


All photos by Jayan Patel