Our Thoughts on the iPhone 7


Picture by Apple

   A number of students at QHHS have recently purchased the new iPhone 7, and the new device has a number of miniscule upgrades. Students at QHHS with the iPhone 7, ranging from freshmen to seniors, were asked to give their initial impression of the phone and a positive or negative review of it. Most reviews only told of the number of incremental changes to make a slightly better phone than the last. However, some gave passionate opinions on Apple’s huge improvements while others gave their opinions on the atrocities the phone had from previous generations. The survey results were mixed.

   As camera improvement is always one of Apple’s number one priorities, the iPhone 7’s larger model has upgraded, and there are now two cameras on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus. The two devices work in unison to take better photos than the previous single lens iPhones. Not only were the cameras, but the processing speed was also enhanced. Many students feel the apps run smoother and the layout is less cluttered. Although the new phone has only received mostly incremental changes, almost every aspect of the phone is better. The iPhone 7 is slightly faster, has better battery life, takes better photos, and includes some new features.

   Moving on from the advantages of the iPhone 7, I must acknowledge its largest flaw: the removal of the headphone jack. This change has caused outrage and is the only subject that every student has used profanity to describe. As most people have mentioned this change from the older generations, it has made students with already working headphones quite upset. Fortunately, the iPhone 7 has better speakers so that students can just play their music out loud. The purchase of the earbuds that connect to the device via a lighting cable makes it so you cannot listen to music while charging without using another adapter.

   As promised, the iPhone 7 is water resistant. To test this feature, one student dunked the phone into the sink as well as a kiddy pool. As the iPhone dried, it still worked, but Apple makes it clear the iPhone 7 is not waterproof, just water resistant. The new Home button for the iPhone has received positive remarks, and it vibrates to let the user know it has been triggered. The overall outcome of the survey was mixed, but the flaws of the iPhone 7 have ultimately outweighed the miniscule upgrades from previous generations. Many students said it would be worth waiting for the next one and passing on this one.