The Truth Behind Bark at the Park

   The time has come once again for Lancaster’s Bark at the Park! Visitors and locals from all over the Antelope Valley had a chance to bring in their pooch for a fun day at this annual event.

   The Bark at the Park commenced on October 1st and 2nd at the Lancaster City Park. Hundreds of people and dogs took advantage of the free admission and crowded the fields, excited to see what the vendors offered. In addition to the fun booths, many contests, activities, and games were available at this event.

   Many tents scattered the area, boasting everything from tasty dog treats to cute costumes. Booths such as Fido Bones, Doggy Threads, and Purrfect Wear displayed their items to the visitors.

   Animal rescue groups were also present at Bark at the Park. They sold donated items in order to raise money to help the animals. Jeri, a volunteer at the Halfway to Home rescue group, said, “[The organization] find[s] homes for dogs that were found on the street as well as dogs that have been surrendered by their owners.” The Halfway to Home rescue group sold donated items from people and places such as Petsmart. They had dog leashes, blankets, and beds.

   At almost every turn, there were booths that provided fun activities for dogs and their owners. Dogs could bob for tennis balls and even paint their own picture at a booth called Pawcasso. Owners could even ride sleds driven by dogs. The most popular event was the Doggie Fun Zone, in which canines would follow a toy attached to a string and be led through a series of obstacles. (Owners even had the opportunity to get their dogs blessed.)

   If the vendors and activities were not enough, the city even provided raffles, contests, and shows. The contests included the Best Trick,  Look-A-Like, Best Singing Dog, and even the Best Human Barker. Shows at Bark at the Park kept people entertained as well. People were able to watch the “World’s Smartest Dog” perform, as well as see dogs swim in big pools.

   Some visitors came for the opportunity to look for a new pet. Many animal shelters brought their dogs out to the City Park, in hopes to find owners for them. They consisted of APET Rescue, Lost & Found Dogs in the A.V., and Doggy Smiles Rescue.

   Every year, the guests at the Bark at the Park event get to experience a fun-filled day with their dogs. Entertaining shows, exciting activities, and more are always available at this event. Come along next year to Antelope Valley’s Bark at the Park for a bark-tastic day with you and your dog!