The Importance of History Class


Picture by Cody Wilson

   Many have debated over whether or not history is actually useful in post-education life. Often, students question why one needs to know Julius Caesar’s cause of death or all the names of the six wives of King Henry VIII. In reality, history is extremely important for numerous reasons. Like mathematics, this subject has a multitude of important purposes in everyday life that is often not truly seen by the people.

   The history classes that teach students about the Egyptian pyramids, Napoleon, and Michelangelo are important because they help us understand the world in which they have come to live in. Although historical events in textbooks strike boredom in many students today, this knowledge actually benefits them. Knowledge of historical events leads to appreciation of different aspects of life that would otherwise be taken for granted, like the freedom of speech.

   In current society, people live in complexly structured cultures. Students who understand the evolution of cultures can appreciate the unique societies that have been marked by the years and years of existence and change in civilization.

   If history ceased to be taught, the effect would be detrimental to society. Politicians could repeat the mistakes that cause serious problems. People could forget the basis on why one must value certain principles. Obtaining historical knowledge exposes a person to a richer, more cultured life.

   Wars, constitutions, and dictators are all concepts that students learn about in history class. With the ability to comprehend the causes and effects of political disasters such as wars and revolutions, people can make more insightful decisions on choosing their leader and judging the values that the particular person stands for.

   The subject of history ties all aspects of life together, from modern society’s fashion trends to what the dominating religions of today are. For example, the French Revolution made trousers fashionable among the men. With an expansion of knowledge on the French Revolution, one would now know why they and their peers wear pants.

   To that extent, being educated in the subject of history is important because it teaches students about different cultures and the evolution of civilization. Looking back on this evolution can push society to progress faster and greater than ever before.