What is the Multicultural Club?


Picture by Cody Wilson

Nitesh Sunku, club co-president, poses for a picture.

   As one of the biggest clubs on campus, Multicultural Club has remained one of the most active and successful school organizations throughout the years at Quartz Hill. The club is unique in encouraging students to interact with others to learn about their cultural history and their traditions. Also, the club’s goal is to teach members about different countries of the world and to create a culturally aware student body.

   To achieve this goal, the club meets weekly during both lunches to discuss a country that the members vote on. Every two weeks, the members choose a different country and general overviews of that country are given through powerpoint presentations. Also, every third week the club holds a potluck, in which members bring food specific to that country.

   Recently, on October 19th, the club had chosen India and information on the country was presented by the co-presidents of the club. The presentation included interesting information about the history, architecture, and food of India. The officers also mentioned an event on November 5th open to all students to celebrate the Indian holiday of Diwali at the UAV Grand Ballroom.

   At Quartz Hill, our school recently had our Homecoming Carnival, in which clubs were allowed to sell food items or host different games to raise money for their club. In the past, Multicultural Club has used the opportunity to fundraise and has been very successful. Treasurer Angela Zhang stated, “We did not have as good of a turnout for Homecoming Carnival as last time when we did pizza, but we did henna and still earned some profit.”

   One of the big school-wide events for the club is the annual Multicultural Assembly that takes place in March. In the assembly, performances by students from different cultures are featured in traditional dances or in festive celebrations about the culture. The assembly is a favorite among Quartz Hill students but is a big project for the officers, whom have already started planning for the event.

   Eileen Mcgregor, also an officer of Multicultural Club, said, “One of my biggest goals this year is to create the best assembly and have a lot of students involved.” She also mentioned that, in order to be featured in the assembly, students must send a one minute video of whatever they are performing to the officers to earn a spot in the assembly.

   Overall, Multicultural Club is one of the best clubs to join to meet new people and learn about different cultures. To be part of this diverse and welcoming community, join Multicultural Club.