Last Minute DIY Costumes


Picture by Mustafa Elmahdi

   Many people wait too long to get a costume from the store, and by the time they do, it might be too late. When you go last minute to get costumes, most are out of stock, and this forces people to make their own costumes. However, there are many simple ways to make a costume from scratch that still looks unique and well-crafted.

   The most popular Do-It-Yourself costume this year would be the clown, as people appear dressed as clowns on just about all of social media claiming to come to “your local school.” The clown costume is traditional and simple. Brighter fabrics are needed to make this costume if designing clothes is not a problem. However, if designing clothes is a problem, you only need large pants, clown shoes, a colorful wig, face paint, and a clown nose. This costume is classic for Halloween, but do not blame the Ubiquity if you decide to bring a weapon and get called in for terrorism.

   A cheap Do-It-Yourself costume is the “error 404” costume. To make this, simply have a shirt and write, “Error:404 Costume not found.” This outfit is simple, easy, and good for a laugh. Another easy costume to make is the “cereal killer” costume. This is a pun of the phrase ‘serial killer’ and to make this costume, one would get a cereal box, write “cereal killer” on their t-shirt, and carry around a fake weapon.

   Good body costumes can imitate an iPhone or a TV. To make an iPhone costume, you need both a large box to fit your body and a printer to make the apps and the iPhone symbol. To make a TV, one would find a box to fit their body and cut out a section to make the screen or paste a picture of a TV show onto the box. These are great costumes to make, but they may be a bit big if the right box is not found.

   It is much better to make a costume than buy one from a retail store because a homemade costume shows originality. Many costumes that come from stores look cheap and unoriginal. A great costume is one that is unique and stands out from the crowd. A good idea and a bit of work is all it takes to make an amazing costume.