Things To Do During Winter Break


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   All of the students attending Quartz Hill High School know that the Antelope Valley is not the most exciting place for the holiday season, but the Ubiquity believes that every sinkhole has its day. Below is a list of the most exciting things in the Antelope Valley area that has been made for the poor students who have nothing to do over the winter break. Even without the snow and holiday cheer, many fun things can be done over this upcoming winter break.

   Going to the movies at Cinemark 22 or the Dollar Theatres is a great way to enjoy time with friends or family during the break. Many great movies are out, such as Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Disney’s newest princess movie, Moana, as well as many more to come, such as Star Wars: Rogue One. However, if money is tight, hosting a movie marathon at home with friends is a great alternative. This is a great way to see an old movie that there was no time for earlier or even to show friends a great classic as well.

   As every student knows, there is no snow in the Antelope Valley, and nor has there been any for the past five years. However, if not missing out on the snow is vital to the holiday spirit, a great way to see some is to go skiing. The Mountain High Ski Resort is a good spot to spend the holidays, as well as Mammoth Mountain, although a bit farther. Despite its price, it is a great way to spend some of the winter break.

   As almost every student is up to their neck with tasks like studying for tests, studying for the SAT, doing homework, and volunteering, the winter break is the best time to sleep in. Many students never get to sleep, as they constantly work and study. This is a good time to take advantage of the break and be able to enjoy every luxurious moment of rest.

   Although this last activity is a little out of the way in Los Angeles, it is one of the best things to do for the holiday season. Ice skating is an amazing experience and truly makes it feel like Christmas time. A handful of outdoor rinks in LA stay frozen through January and sometimes even through February. Whether the skater is a pro or an overall terrible ice skater, this is a great thing to try over winter break.