Ugandan Movie Review – Who Killed Captain Alex?


I think it is a safe bet to say that a majority of people like to go see movies. I mean, what’s not to love? Well, if that question pops into your mind, then let me tell you there are a couple of things that are definitely not to love. I am talking about the B-lister movies. We have all seen them; we have all laughed at them. These B lister movies are known for their absolutely captivating plots, amazing special effects, incredible acting, and immense budget.

Now, some people like to say that a budget is what can make or break a movie. You might have watched the infamous Sharknado and though sarcastically, “Wow, these guys must have had a large budget.” You probably thought, “Wow this is such a low budget piece of garbage. How is this even a movie?”

Well, let me tell you that a budget does not make a movie. Want to know how I know? That is simply because of the action packed, Ugandan thriller known as Who Killed Captain Alex. With only a budget of $200, the crew of Ramon Crew Productions puts on quite the show. With pristine, Ugandan special effects, and intense kung fu action scenes, Who Killed Captain Alex proves to be a milestone in the movie making industry.

Now, before I get into the specifics of the movie, let me tell you about this new, revolutionary feature known as a video joker. Exclusive to the prestigious films of Uganda, a video joker is basically a voice over of the entire movie that snaps jokes, tells you what is going on, or even reminds you about what movie you are watching throughout the whole film. Yes, that is right; the video joker will spurt out of nowhere, “You are watching Who Killed Captain Alex!!!” Thank God for that too; otherwise, I would have forgotten what movie I was watching after falling asleep in the first ten minutes. The video joker will even get so excited during the movie that he will start to scream random words like,” Supa Fighta” or “Action Packed Movie.” The video joker is a little annoying at first, as you may expect, but towards the end the video, the joker actually grew on me.

Now, let me get into the actual movie now that the video joker is covered. The movie begins with our hero, Captain Alex. He is Uganda’s best soldier, a real master of action and kung fu, (you know the spiel), and he is determined to take out the villains of the movie, the Tiger Mafia. They are such a menace that even the president of Uganda himself hired Captain Alex to deal with them.

So, after some unnecessary scenes, the movie cuts awkwardly to the first action scene where soldiers infiltrate a Tiger Mafia base. After an intense shootout and some super kung fu fighting, we find the intimidatingly-named Tiger Mafia boss, Richard, watching the news as he finds that his base was attacked and his brother was captured. A few more scenes later, we find out that Richard has a spy that found out his brother is in the police headquarters of the city. So, while he goes to free his brother, the spy says she will take care of Captain Alex. After Richard walks into the police headquarters and simply leaves after being told he could not take his brother, we see the spy seducing Captain Alex in his tent. We are left with the ultimate cliffhanger that he has disappeared!

However, since this is just a review, I will refrain from telling you the whole story. After all, this was just meant to be a little taste of what is in store for you in case you want more, similar to a wine tasting. Throughout the rest of the movie, you will find yourself laughing over the complete insanity of the plot, and you will eventually fall in love with it just like I did.

Despite the fact the movie was filmed in a third world country slum and had a small budget, Who Killed Captain Alex proves to be an instant classic that will be remembered as a staple of the film industry. With super-intense kung fu and tons of super action, I give Who Killed Captain Alex an astounding four out of five stars.