How Ads Trick You

How Ads Trick You

Picture by Nikil Sunku

When deciding on that box of Frosted Flakes, would you choose the box with the boring bowl of cereal on it or the exciting box with the friendly tiger on it? Obviously, the tiger. It is more eye-catching and appealing. As a result, many people just go for what looks better instead of the option that is actually better. This is the gullibility that comes from a result of advertisements.

Brands advertise to get people to buy their products, and oftentimes, they manipulate viewers and make them think the product they saw on their televisions is better than the cheaper one next to it. A Quartz Hill student, Jonathan Urbano, stated, “For the majority of middle school, I always bought Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, but one day, I tried out the Walmart Frosted Flakes, and they tasted the exact same. Ever since I tried those, I started to buy the Walmart cereals instead.” Brands like Kellogg’s use advertising techniques to get you to buy their products, but they never say how they are better compared to others; this is because they are not. You are getting ripped off every time you buy a high-tier brand’s product, rather than an off-brand product which is overall the same.

Carl’s Jr. has a $4 Real Deal where they advertise four products for four dollars. People see the inexpensiveness and are drawn in by this deal. Many take the deal for granted and shove the preservatives and calories in their stomachs. According to, the $4 for 4 deal is 1390 calories! That is over half of the calories the average person should eat in one day. To top it off, half of the meal is a cup of Coke and a pack of deep fried potatoes. Companies do not tell you the drawbacks; they only show you the things that they want you to see, abusing the gullibility of the average person.

Certain brands advertise with good reason. Subway, which is generally healthy, advertises a $5 footlong. Chermin advertises its advantages against competing toilet paper brands. So, not all advertisers abuse you. But you should save yourself a quick buck or some time without feeling sick. No matter what you get, if you look hard enough, you will notice a better option always comes up.