Beauty and the Beast Movie Review


Bill Condon, the director of Beauty and the Beast (a Disney classic), has transformed the original animated movie from the 1990’s into a modern live-action sensation.

In this production, Emma Watson plays Belle’s part to the fullest extent. With looks similar to the cartoon character and a gorgeous voice, Watson is the absolute perfect choice for the role. As for the Beast, Dan Stevens has the ideal vocals for his part. The two work together to depict the original role of Belle and the Beast just as it was written to be.

The soundtrack is produced by very talented artists, such as Ariana Grande and John Legend. The track they collaborate on has gotten over eighty-one million views on YouTube, making it one of the most-viewed videos. Celine Dion sings the classic “How Does a Moment Last Forever” and shows off her vocal abilities better than ever. Alan Menken, best known for his scores for films produced by Walt Disney Studios, put together beautiful works of music which complete the movie.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the ballroom scene. Here, Belle and the Beast have their first dance together. She is shown wearing her iconic yellow gown while the Beast is in his finest attire. This scene is so emotional and lovely that it makes you melt and wish for true love like theirs one day. The way Belle and the Beast dance is so touching that it makes you realize that love is not always about looks; rather, it is about what is inside. In this scene, the background setting of the ballroom is extremely similar to the original, which makes it even more astonishing.

In general, the setting of the movie is beyond marvelous. Every detail is put into importance, which makes the film highly appealing. The Beast’s castle is grand and decorated to perfection. Every room has a feel of its own and is furnished to compliment the movie. The Beast’s garden is also spectacular. All of your dreams of what a castle would look like in real life are fulfilled as soon as you see the movie.

Grab a box of popcorn and some friends, and watch the outstanding movie as soon as it comes out on DVD! Emerge yourself into the fantasy world of Belle and the Beast.