Hate Week


Picture by Matthew Chartier

Hate is such a neglected emotion. Everyone loves to praise emotions like kindness, compassion, and tolerance, but what about hate? In fact, the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud stated that people who release their inner emotions such as hate will lead healthier lives mentally. Furthermore, how are we, as hormonal teenagers, supposed to let out our anger and frustration if we don’t celebrate hate? The solution is simple. Quartz Hill High School needs a Hate Week.

As most of you know, we recently ended Kindness Week…AGAIN. It’s always the same boring week with the same boring sticky notes. Tons of sticky notes filled with lies and unattainable expectations. Meaningless quotes like “You’re beautiful inside and out” find their way inside backpacks, on walls, and even inside my house. We’re all sick and tired of these uncreative and pre-generated LIES. Give me something real! I’d love to see a sticky note on my desk that reads, “You’re an awful person. By the way, you smell like bologna…disgusting.” Wouldn’t it be awesome to see this note on your archnemesis’ desk? The obvious answer is YES. Everyone loves to see their enemy roasted.

Think of all the people that have done you dirty. Remember that freshman that bumped into you during passing period? Or that jealous “friend” that stepped on your new Jordans? Or even that random guy your boyfriend cheated on you with? Well, now is the time to get your feelings out and roast them. Don’t hold anything back. Let the devil use your mouth as a portal to this world. What better way to cleanse yourself of negative emotions than just letting it all out? Let your inner mean girl guide you with the wittiest remarks and meanest comments.

It gets even better! Only the most practiced hate week members have ever heard of this, but there’s this thing called anonymity. Anonymity means anyone can turn into an online troll without facing the consequences. We’ve all faced this dilemma before. It goes something like this: you really want to talk trash about someone, but you’re scared of getting your butt kicked. Instead of insults, you resort to being their fake friend while talking a bunch of trash behind their back. You’re a two-faced snake, but that’s okay! Hate Week welcomes everyone, so be sure to bring all the mean girls, the fakes, the snakes, and of course, the savages.