Back to School Night


Picture by Sheehwa You

Principal Anderson addresses parents at Back-To-School night.

On September 7, 2017, Quartz Hill hosted its annual Back-to-School Night. Parents and students flocked to school in the evening to attend.

The procession started with a welcoming by Quartz Hill’s principal, Mr. Matt Anderson, in front of the large gym. Afterwards, students and their company departed to the student’s first period class. Teachers were given thirteen minutes to explain the happenings of the class and what is expected of each student. Following each class was a seven-minute passing period that allowed the parents and their children to travel from class to class.

Students who attended Back-to-School Night were positive reflecting on their experience. Chloe Devlin, currently a sophomore, attended Back-to-School night with her mother to learn what she needed to do to achieve a high grade in her classes. She said, “My parent got a more clear idea of what I do every day.” The teacher that she thought gave the best presentation was her Calculus teacher, Mr. Herman.

Few classes offered extra credit this year for attendance to Back-to-School Night. However, Devlin’s Spanish 2 Honors class, taught by Mr. Ostler, and English 10 Honors, with Mrs. Vanderzee, offered extra credit.

Freshman Noah Heming also went to Back-to-School night. He stated, “It was a good opportunity for the parents to know what the teachers were doing and what we as students do every day … The teachers explained the classroom policies and homework well.”

He was particularly impressed with how his Spanish teacher, Mrs. Reyes, explained the happenings of his Spanish 1 Honors class. “It kind of repeated what she had told us before … That we need to apply Spanish in class and at home,” Heming explained. “My parents liked how she made students answer questions in front of the teachers and other students.”

Sophomore Nassim Tavakoli is one of the many students who went to Back-to-School with her parent. She said, “I thought that Back-to-School night was very informative. It’s a good thing for students and parents to attend.” Furthermore, Tavakoli feels that her parents are now more informed of what goes on throughout her school day.

In her opinion, her Calculus teacher, Mrs. Benavides “did a really great job at explaining the AP Calculus class.” The presentation she gave to parents was thorough and concise.

Picture by Sheehwa You
The Band performs to Back-to-School night.

Further, sophomore Bradley Rather said, “Back-to-School night was better this year than last year. … It was interesting for my parents, as I already knew what the classes were like. I think they gained enough information to be confident with my teachers. The only problem was that not enough parents were showing.”

Sophomore Sartaj Brar went to his first two periods of Back-to-School night. He reflected, “[It] was pretty good. It was what I expected it to be, an overview of all of my classes. It was pretty informative.” In his classes, there was not a large turnout, some classes only having five to ten students.

All in all, those who attended Back-to-School night found it to be informative, primarily to their parents. Their teachers presented the happenings of their class well, marking the start of a new school year. Rebels, let’s have another great year!