The New Fair Trade Club


This year, a new club named Fair Trade Club has been introduced on the Quartz Hill High School campus. The supervisor for this club is Mrs. Bertell, the teacher for AP Human Geography and an expert on Fair Trade, in room V-12.

Fair trade refers to the trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers. The concept seems straightforward and easy to follow, but many developed countries don’t follow fair trade. Instead, some of these countries will pay the farmers very minimal wages compared to the actual value of the crop, and then resell this crop for a much higher price.

This is where the Fair Trade Club hopes to come in: they hope to bring much-needed awareness to the countries that don’t respect fair trade and the effects of the absence of fair trade. Club members are hoping to bring change by implementing the Fair Trade Club on the Quartz Hill Campus.

The Fair Trade Club would like to shed light on the developed countries that take advantage of developing countries with trade. Underpaid producers are an increasingly big issue that the Fair Trade Club hopes to fix because the farmers are severely taken advantage of for their hard work. The growers of these crops barely have enough money to make ends meet.

Through the international Fair Trade organization, the products from developing countries can be bought straight from the farmers. This way, growers get the proper amount of money for their labor. Organizations that participate in fair trade emblazon stamps on the packaging of their products.

Discussing the purpose of the club, Mrs. Bertell said, “There are many organizations speaking out and helping about fair trade, but just as many that are ignoring fair trade.” Further, she said, ¨We are open to any incoming ideas on fundraising, as well as ideas for the club.¨

The Fair Trade Club hopes to make an impact on the world of trading by fixing much of the misconceptions about fair trade and raising money to fix some of these problems about fair trade. They hope to do fundraising during the car show and other school events to contribute to their cause. Anyone curious about Fair Trade Club should visit Mrs.Bertell in room V-12 for any further questions.