El Salvaje Part 1: The Backstory


Picture by Cody Wilson

The Savage eyes her prey.

Disclaimer: If you have not heard the frightening rumors about The Savage, then click out right now. This article is not for you.

The Savage, a.k.a El Salvaje,  is a mysterious student at Quartz Hill High School. This article is merely an attempt at depicting The Savage’s background. Do not be afraid. You will see soon enough that El Salvaje is a sweet soul.

OUCH! The Savage had stepped on another rock. You would think that she’d be an expert by now when it comes to navigating through the jungle, but of course, she’s not. If you had to ask me, I’d say that she never had it in her to become a fierce warrior like the rest of her clan. Instead, she chose to become a stupid, puny human. First, Edward Cullen and now El Salvaje! Ugh, what’s so great about humans? Anyway, back to the hunt!

El Salvaje was running through the jungle. Why you ask? Because she had spotted her primary prey: the illusive Toohbear. These two creatures go hand in hand. People may refer to the their relationship as the straw to the berry or even the peanut butter to the jelly. In other words, they are nothing without the other. The Savage was feeling very conflicted. As I stated before, she was a very weak-minded warrior. Others from the clan would’ve killed the Toohbear by now, but she only stood there and let him get away!

The Savage knew that she would never be able to fit in with the other members of the clan. They were rough and hardcore while she was sweet and nice. They listened to gangster rap while she listened to the latest Taylor Swift hits. She knew that she would never belong.

She desperately wanted to become a human. She had done much research about these creatures. Sometimes, she would hide inside a bush outside of a window and watch humans in their daily acts. She watched them fart, steal, kiss, and even commit murder. However, she still decided that their life was much better than hers. She strived to become a Californian human. One that surfed and said “dude” a thousand times in one minute. She also wanted to be sassy, get her nails done, and drink Starbucks. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do this while she was in the clan. She had to escape.

El Salvaje was a cowardly warrior. She was scared of spiders, drugs, and Lil Uzi’s voice. How would such a warrior escape? She decided to act like the humans. She would fake her death so her family could claim their share of the clan’s insurance money. The escape went smoothly, except for some obstacles which included money and illegal activities, but who cares! El Salvaje was now in California!