The New iPhone X: High Price for Low Innovation


Picture by Cody Wilson

The iPhone X is the newest phone that the Apple company released as a celebration of their 10-year anniversary as a business. This iPhone has a lot of cool new features, but are these features truly worth the cost?

Most of us have been anxiously waiting for the new iPhone X to come out. You can pre-order yours starting October 27. That might seem like a long time, but with that time, you can decide whether this phone is truly worth all the credit people give it.

The iPhone X is advertised as propelling us into the age of the future. The Apple company has completely scrapped the usual home button and changed it to a facial recognition system. Out of the millions of people that live on this planet, this phone can scan and recognize your face and log you into the home screen. Another thing that Apple has modified is the curved, edge-to-edge screen with OLED display and true tone technology, not to mention that the lenses of the camera have been placed on the side of the phone rather than the top.

The sideway camera, lack of a home button, and edge-to-edge OLED display is nothing new. Doesn’t it remind anyone of the format of the Samsung Galaxy phones? Companies are known for taking ideas from each other, but this seems like an all-time low for the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, the facial recognition software is something I look forward to, but we’ve already seen the rest.

New features aside, there are some old things that the iPhone will keep. The new model will have the same heavy and bulky feel as the iPhone 7 and will get even harder to fit in your pocket. Further, the huge screen display is very fragile and will crack easily. If you vowed to never break your phone again, then this isn’t the phone for you. Another downfall is that the Apple company won’t be bringing back is the headphone jack. We all miss it, but it won’t be featured in this new phone.

The time for colorful iPhones was over after the iPhone 5c. The iPhone X only comes in white, black, and blush gold. Where did rose gold go? Why can’t there be light blue, purple, or hot pink? Are the colors ever going to change or is it always going to be this boring?

The last and most annoying disadvantage is the price. The iPhone X starts at a whopping $1000. This is not including the iCloud storage and the number of gigabytes you need to purchase, which will add about $150, if you want to go all out.

The iPhone X may include one or two cool features, but looking at the downsides of having one, I think his phone genuinely isn’t worth buying. I wouldn’t spend my money for a phone like this just so I could look cool amongst my friends. Neither should you.