Help Promote Clean Water: Blum


Quartz Hill has a wide assortment of clubs on campus with a variety of goals. One club that comments on social problems is Blum. New to the Quartz Hill campus, this is a club that is mainly about sanitation in water. The adviser for this club is Mr. Jenison, an English teacher in room 313.

Blum comments on the problems of the unclean water that many international students have to drink and their poor water systems at schools. The club would like to assuage this issue that affects many. They plan on doing so by raising money through fundraising, whether it be at school or off-campus. After they have acquired money, they would donate it to various companies and organizations that specialize in cleaning and providing water to those in need. This is one of the ways they plan to start change on the water system.

The club has two main goals that it strongly advocates. The first goal is to provide clean water to those who are in need of clean water. The second is creating and spreading awareness about the issues of unclean water. Lunch leader of Blum Rosemarie Giron stated, “Our goals for this year are to create a strong foundation around the school concerning this matter.” They would also like to create unity to bring clean water to international students. They would like to not only spread awareness of these issues to club members, but to also do so across campus and the community. Blum has many things they plan to accomplish, and with the help of many, their goals are feasible.

Blum is not exclusive, and it is looking for new members; anyone willing to help out on the issue of clean water for international students can be a part of the club. The officers of Blum feel that the more members they have, the faster they can bring change. If any students are interested in helping, he or she should seek out the club supervisor Mr. Jenison in room 313 or send a message to Blum’s Instagram page, @qhhs_club_blum. This club plans to leave their mark on the world by helping to fix the water system. Their meetings are every Friday at lunch in Mr. Jenison’s room 313.