Aging Infrastructure Disadvantages Students

By Alyssa Hoffman and Sydney Smith

It is no secret that at Quartz Hill High, students pull their weight in order to be successful. This, in turn, makes QHHS the top-ranked school in the district. Yet, with such high ranking and prestige, many students seem to think our campus itself falls short of expectations. Perhaps a common thought is that the campus doesn’t do much to show this is a renowned school.

There are many campus elements that one could pick out as shortcomings of our school’s infrastructure, but the main complaints focus on the school’s lack of resources and spaces for various clubs or organizations.

One big concern of the students is the fact that Quartz Hill High has no auditorium or performance area for the drama club. They instead have to settle for performing in the cramped cafeterias that can hardly hold a small-sized crowd.

An auditorium seems like a basic amenity that any school would have, even if they had no drama club. Besides the fact that we would be able to put on proper plays, it would also serve to host awards ceremonies. Having an official space for such events would definitely benefit our school.

Another major downfall is that it seems that there isn’t enough room for everyone here. When it comes to sports, practice is crucial. That much is clear. However, the wrestling team struggles to get through practices in inefficient conditions. The boys’ wrestling teams practice in a cramped room that is farther away from the main campus than the Village. “Everyone drinks from a sink because we don’t have a water fountain out there,” says Adam Ibrahim, a senior on the varsity wrestling team. “We don’t even have a bathroom.” The team is forced to change out of their clothes and walk to the nearest restroom if they need it, which in this case is in the Village.

Of course, there are numerous complaints about the Village. It is a far trek to take from the main campus, especially when one has to make that trip multiple times a day. Many students would like to see the Village turned into an actual permanent quad. It would be easier to have permanent classrooms closer to the main campus instead of distant portables.

These changes, however, would come at a high cost. Additions and remodeling cannot be done overnight, especially when one needs to stick to a strict budget. Certainly, students are not the only ones who would like to see these improvements, as campus updates benefit faculty as well.

There are definitely many positives about our campus as well, despite the many drawbacks. The murals, for example, are an excellent and creative addition to the quads. “They add color to the campus, and they are really popular for picture-taking,” remarks Seerat Chawla.

It is apparent that administration has been working hard to improve the campus a lot recently. The newly remodeled library speaks for itself. Much hard work went into the library project, and the outcome has been well worth it. An up-to-date study and research area was definitely something our school needed. The recent remodeling of the gym, as well as the plans to update the front parking, also show just how much has actually been changing in only the past few years.

These updates are incredible, but they do not happen overnight. They take meticulous planning and a lot of funding to complete. Hopefully, our school will continue to grow and improve in this way in the years to come.