Tennis Season


Picture by Rohan Kumar

By Rohan Kumar, Staff Writer

As of now, the boys’ tennis team has begun practicing for the preseason games.  During the previous season, the boys’ team was able to place number one in Golden League with a score of 27-3. They were also able to make it to CIF, but lost during the second round against El Toro High School. They were ranked number one among all the boys’ tennis teams in the Antelope Valley. Both Coach Guerrero and Coach Beck have returned with hopes of making it into the last round of CIF this year.

The team hopes to improve overall, as well as make it farther into CIF. Coach Guerrero stated, “We have a lot of talent and new kids on the team. I have gotten a chance to see them play and it looks like we are going to have a top team again this year. Hopefully, the players from last year can improve a lot this time around.” Coach Guerrero wants the players to continue hitting and start practicing soon so they are able to come out strong once the season starts.

They also hope to gain endorsements from the school this year, and the only way to do so is to make it to the last round of CIF. If they are able to do this, they will be able to repaint the tennis courts, as well as get ball machines with which players can practice. Coach Beck also encourages players to practice frequently during the offseason so they don’t lose the feel of the swing.

Former varsity player Isaac Kim stated, “I need to practice during the offseason a lot in order to remain consistent. I always tell my teammates to do so as well, so we don’t come to practice looking like we have never hit with a racket.”

The boys’ tennis team hopes to improve not only as individuals, but also altogether as a team. By doing this and practicing hard, they hope to make it into the final CIF round this year, which will allow them to gain the endorsements they seek, sponsorships, and attention from scouting officers. Make sure to wish our tennis players luck on their upcoming season!