Hardest Sport at QHHS


Picture by Natali Josevska

By Natali Josevska, Staff Writer

Quartz Hill High School has an excellent reputation for its athletic’s department. However, not many people know of the training that these athletes undergo in order to maintain their triumphant title. Each sport has its unique training process, but some argue that some sports are more difficult than others.

One sport that is often overlooked as easy is swimming. Many who have not been exposed to the concept of swimming assume that the sport is simple and does not require much skill.

Kaylee Wheeler, a junior at Quartz Hill, summarizes swimming in two words: extremely difficult. She said, “Swimming is definitely one of the most intense sports out there. We practice for two hours everyday, and we perform a series of vigorous exercises. The physical and mental boundaries a Quartz Hill swimmer endures is not like any other sport on this campus.” Swimmers continuously push themselves past the breaking point and reach new heights that they didn’t realize they were capable of reaching.

Football is arguably another arduous sport offered at Quartz Hill. Football is well known for its rigorous workouts and training. Josiah Harte, a player on the junior varsity team said, “I consider football to be the most back-breaking sport at Quartz Hill. We are pushed past the limit every day and we never waste a minute during our practices.”

On the other hand, some argue that golf is much more difficult than football or swim. Although some may not even consider golf a true sport, golf requires much time and effort. Yejin Ban, an IB student at Quartz Hill said, “During the golf season, we practice for three hours, Monday through Thursday, with the exception of Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, we practice for four to five hours.” She also added, “The perfect swing in golf doesn’t come after a few days of practice, or even a few weeks. It takes much time and continuous practice. [Golf]  is fun, but challenging at the same time.”

The volleyball program at Quartz Hill also goes through some difficult training. Volleyball is a difficult sport because every player wants to reach their full potential.

Certain sports are considered difficult for different reasons. For example, some may consider a sport’s difficulty as to how physically challenging the task is. On the other hand, some may view difficulty as a hard task to master mentally or emotionally. Nevertheless, all of Quartz Hill’s athletes work hard and try their best in order to succeed and continue Quartz Hill’s remarkable legacy.