Should You Trust the Government?


Picture by Ola Elmahdi

Should We Trust the Government?

By Ola Elmahdi, Staff Writer

As the current generation flounders through a period of political turmoil, they become confused as they are told by conservatives that the article they read the previous night was “fake news.” However, Democrats and left-wing supporters work their hardest to convince today’s youth that the Trump administration is composed of liars and incompetent politicians who care only for their own prosperity. Therefore, citizens who do not actively research political matters are left with the question of who to trust regarding news and the motives of the government. Some citizens, especially Trump supporters, deny the legitimacy of all media coverage that is not confirmed by the Trump administration. In truth, however, the government has repeatedly proven that it is indubitably untrustworthy.

According to Meg Kelly of the Washington Post, “After a year in office, President Trump has made 2,140 false or misleading claims and flip-flops. He now averages 5.9 per day.” When faced with these statistics, Trump supporters simply retorted with comments arguing that other presidents had undeniably told an equal or greater number of lies than Trump.

To counter this baseless argument, David Leonhardt and others at the New York Times compiled a list of all the lies that both Trump and Obama had told. Their findings revealed that “In his first ten months, Trump told nearly six times as many falsehoods as Obama did during his entire presidency.” When one considers the fact that Obama’s presidency lasted a full eight years, one comes to understand that Trump is a pathological liar by nature.

Trump’s lies include numerous comically ignorant statements, such as his claim about his inauguration ceremony, saying, “Now, the audience was the biggest ever. But this crowd was massive. Look how far back it goes. This crowd was massive.” This claim was debunked easily by comparing photos of the crowd at Obama’s inauguration ceremony alongside Trump’s comparatively miniscule audience. Comedians including Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, and Stephen Meyers, among numerous others, laughed heartily with their own audiences at the mockery Trump had made of himself. Some other infamously ignorant and blatantly false statements from Trump involve, but are not limited to, global warming being a hoax, three to five million of Hillary Clinton’s presidential votes being fraudulent, the lack of involvement with the Russian government, a great wall taking only a single year to build, and the same wall being paid by Mexico.

Although much of the media’s coverage of political events is biased, the government has failed to give information its citizens, leaving Americans in their ignorant and confused state. Trump’s blatant disregard for honesty and fact-checking cannot be denied even by his most loyal supporters, as there is evidence from numerous sources to refute even his seemingly most convincing statements. Official government press releases (also known as tweets) have almost no credibility, and they should always be fact-checked before they are trusted.