What is Mock Trial?

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What is Mock Trial?

By Shruthi Kumar, Staff Writer

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Out of all the teams and clubs that make up Quartz Hill’s student activities, Mock Trial is definitely a point of interest for both incoming freshmen and returning students. The team itself is not very well known, but Quartz Hill’s legacy of dominating the competition precedes it, intriguing those with an affinity for law and government. Several students tried out for the 2017-2018 school year, some new and some old, and they definitely make up one of the strongest teams in the team’s history.

Mr. House, the team coach, has blended a mix of both new and old students, giving the team a well-versed but fresh perspective. However, he is not the only advisor helping the team. Mr. Self, the drama coach, goes over facial expressions and tone with the witnesses. Mrs. Wisdom and Mr. Moll are two other coaches that make up the integral part of advising. Not only have they managed to improve returning members, but they have also educated new ones about the inner workings of the competition.

Despite the team’s good reputation around the school, very few actually know the purpose of the program. Mock Trial is a team composed of a prosecution and defense side, arguing the same case. Each side has four witnesses to make the case, three attorneys, and a specific time limit. The competitors are judged on their performance, knowledge, and overall professionalism.
This year’s Mock Trial team has definitely set the bar up high for future teams to come. The first round was QHHS’s defense against Lancaster’s prosecution, and it was clear to see that Quartz Hill swept a victory. Both sides were cool, calm, and collected, and both arguments were presented extremely well. However, in this case, the judges ruled in favor of the defense.

In the second round, the prosecution was up and had to prove themselves worthy as well. Since their defense counterparts had done so well in the first round, they had to rise to the challenge and do just as well in the second, maintaining their overall team’s lead. The prosecution faced off against Antelope Valley High School, and both sides presented a well-prepared case. Many objections were made, faulty answers were called into question, and ultimately the competition resulted in another great win for Quartz Hill.

By the third round, things started to heat up. The QHHS defense was now facing Paraclete’s prosecution, and tensions were at an all time high. Paraclete was last year’s champion, and nevertheless, the defense was incredibly nervous about increasing the quality of their statements and work. Former Mock Trial coach Mrs. DeGroff made a cameo and watched the competition. Mrs. DeGroff commented on the polished attitudes of Quartz Hill’s attorneys and witnesses. The results were a close call, but Quartz Hill won the third round, advancing to the final stage of the championships.

March 8th is the championship round between Quartz Hill’s prosecution and Paraclete’s defense! We wish our team good luck!

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