Casey Chronicles: The Savage Elderly Attack

By Casey Swafford, Staff Writer

It was an ordinary day like any other. I awoke to my screeching alarm clock, crawled out of bed, and battled my lack of motivation. You know, the usual morning routine of any high school student. After I triumphed over the rigors of putting on clothes and brushing my teeth, I was ready to face the day. I slipped on my Deluxe Heelys Motion Plus Roller Shoes, a sign of respect and popularity amongst high schoolers, and started to glide my way to school.

As dawn began to arrive, I noticed something was rather odd. As I slid on the sidewalk, I perceived that the air was cold. However, this was not your typical chilly morning. The freezing air felt as though it was absorbing not only my warmth but all my happiness and joy. Not only that, but an ominous fog began to roll in upon the AV. A fog so dense you could barely see three feet in front of you.

As the fog set,  I heard a monstrous roar followed by horrified grotesque screams towards the direction of Quartz Hill. This did not frighten me. I would not be intimidated out of my school’s prestigious education. I bravely dove into the fog, for if I had my trusty Heelys, I could overcome any obstacle. There is nothing I cannot accomplish with these wings that soared me through the streets.

As I approached Quartz Hill High School, a sweet sense of relief had overcome me. The fog had lifted and there was no sign of any danger whatsoever! As I hovered into the parking lot I realized that the gates were still closed since I was here for my beloved zero-period journalism. So, as I walked around to enter through the office, I noticed the student favorite Mr. Mahady opening the gate to the 300 quad. Relieved that I do not have to walk around the school to get in, I sprinted towards Mr. Mahady, frantically waving my arms and thanking him for letting me come in through this gate. He lifted his arm and gave me a thumbs up and a smile. However, before he could say anything, he was smashed to smithereens by a true being of evil.  

An old, blonde devil roared as she lifted her giant bludgeon off the remains of the world’s best educator.

It was the same scream that I heard miles back as the fog set in, the monster had revealed itself. She had sharp fangs and drool protruding from her mouth. In her eyes, you could see nothing but the pure intent of murder. I saw pure, red bloodshot eyes consisting of fire and hatred.

The demon yelled, “STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THROUGH THIS GATE!” She lifted her bludgeon again, determined to strike me down. She then swung her weapon “ No wait!” I yelled. She stopped mid-swing, the bludgeon hovering an inch above my head. “ I am just trying to get to my journalism class!”

The flames of hatred in her eyes began to uncontrollably rage. She screamed, “STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THROUGH THIS GATE!” Her wrinkles began to flutter in the intensity of her rage and her crows feet managed to intensify. “YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GO IN THROUGH THE OFFICE!”

I lifted my hands up to show the sensitive being of hate that I meant no harm and said, “I know! I am sorry! But my class is right there and I just need to get to it!” This justification, however, did not please the human/demon hybrid. She screamed at me again, this time the remains of more unfortunate students shooting out from her mouth. “THAT IS IT! GET OUT OF HERE, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO GO THROUGH THIS GATE!” She raised her weapon and clobbered me with it. I was hit so hard that I was smacked right out of my precious Heelys.

As I flew out of the stratosphere, I could see the beast devour my treasured Heelys and close the gate behind her. I exited the exosphere, the last layer of the atmosphere. While I drifted in space, a tear dropped from my eye, and I slowly departed for the nothingness of space.