Gender Neutrality at QHHS


Picture by Natali Josevska

By Natali Josevska and Josephine Nadolny

In the past few years, the gender neutrality movement has gained an extreme amount of popularity. Gender neutrality is based around having no distinguishing factors between what is male or female. Those supporting the gender-neutral movement are against the labeling of clothing, toys, and other commonly categorized items as “male” or “female”.  

New parenting techniques, companies, and political groups have surfaced to help support the movement. However, many believe the action of gender neutrality will only do more harm than good.  Despite the backlash, the support of gender neutrality continues to grow and will not be slowing down within the years ahead.

QHHS student Franklin Schaefer said, “I support gender neutrality and believe that everyone should do what they want. However, I personally feel like it wouldn’t work out in our society. Not because it isn’t a good idea, but I just don’t feel like it would work with our already placed social constructs.  I think it’s a combination of many people not willing to conform to gender neutral standards and just the overall drastic change it would be. I still think that it would be good if the majority were willing to start leaning towards a gender neutral society.”

From a different point of view, student Malena Ronga said, “I think that it is so important. Confining each gender into a little box and telling each individual what they can and can’t like or do simply based on what they were born as, which they had no choice in, is stupid in my opinion. It not only limits each individual in what they do, but it also restricts some people doing what makes them most happy. And, not only is it that, but it also is limiting in more open communities like the LGBTQ+ community. Being gay, I always thought I had to ‘dress like a boy’ and wear ‘boy’ clothes and be super athletic, when in reality none of that really makes me happy. I think that gender neutrality, or moreso the constraints found in gender roles, play a large part in the mental health of our youth and overall, I don’t think it benefits anyone.”

Sophomore Leslie Diaz stated, “I believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion, but it is not someone else’s job to speak on the behalf of another. Therefore, I think that everyone has the ability to classify themselves as they please to. Within the gender issue, a lot of discrimination still exists. For example, if a women wishes to use the restroom of the opposite gender because she wants to classify as a male, she would be looked down upon and not treated equally. To solve this issue, a restroom should be created that would be suitable for any other classification other than male or female.”

Gender neutrality revolves around keeping peace and equality amongst the people that choose to classify themselves differently. As Kaitlyn McChristian stated, “People want to be who they are truly meant to be, just like anybody else. So why should they be judged and discriminated against for what makes them happy?”