Five Ways to Beat Senioritis

By Angela Castellano, Multimedia Editor

As we leave Spring Break behind and enter fourth quarter, we seniors need to be sure to keep on top of our schoolwork, so here are the five steps that have helped me to get through this past year.

  1. Study the night before

Sleep peacefully every day of the week before the test so you can catch up on the sleep you’re going to miss the night before!! Procrastination is pretty common, so just give into peer pressure and do it too. If you end up just falling asleep on your desk anyways, just take the L.

  1. Worry about getting rescinded

Most seniors find that it’s preetttyyy easy to relax a little bit once college acceptances come out during the spring, but remember that grades still matter!! So, if you ever really need to turn something in to bring that C up to a B, put the fear of God into yourself and think of what it would be like if you had to stay here for the next four years or the rest of your life with the wild student loans you’ll have to pay if they take away your scholarship. Yup, that’ll do it.

  1. Turn in work only two days late

It’s easy for other things (like literally anything else) to get in the way when there is something you need to do for your math class (or any of the others) so allow yourself to procrastinate on your work like every other year. Except this year, procrastinate and don’t even muster up the energy to finish until two days later because you don’t care. Try to keep it under two days because after it’s kind of hard to get a teacher to accept homework after that.

  1. Skip only one period per day

We all have that one class that seems just useless, so if you’re finally over showing up, just head to another class where they aren’t doing anything either! Just don’t make it a habit and make a rule for yourself to only skip one class a day. If you have to show up because you’re just three absences away from getting a truancy ticket like me, just pull out your laptop, flip on your VPN, and finish up that episode of The Office you were watching last night.

  1. Show up at least three days per week

Between binging on The Office, watching Friends, and attempting to make up for the past three years of life that you missed being crippled by school work, we all know that it’s hard to find the time or the motivation to even show up sometimes. Instead of just skipping the whole week and making your own Second Spring Break, make sure you roll out of bed early at least three days of the week to show up to TA your first period.