Vans Company Goes Bankrupt


By Anayis Francis, Staff Writer

In recent news, the Vans Company we all know and love has recently gone bankrupt and is frantically trying to get their money back. Rumors have it that a recent unidentified lottery winner is pushing to take over the company and turn it into a cupcake business. Hundreds of their shoes are going down the drain as many once-loyal customers and employees refuse to help the company because they simply “don’t care” and “don’t want to.”

Many YouTube stars such as vloggers have been pro-saving the Vans company. Within a few hours of YouTubers posting their controversial opinion, thousands and thousands of their subscribers have left them and moved on because of their unpopular pro-saving stance. Generic Modafinil for sale

What’s even more interesting is that more and more people who are pro-Vans cancellation have gone pro-Trump because of recent rumors that he is against the continuation of the Vans Company.

An unidentified billionaire plans on making sure that the company is permanently cancelled and is going after other companies like the Coca Cola Company, Walmart, JC Penny, Forever 21, 99 Cents Store, Converse, Jordans, Victoria’s Secret, Vogue, and a lot of other famous companies. They plan on taking the profits of the companies by blackmailing them and permanently annihilating their industries. This blackmailing has been going on for many, many months now, and the Vans company is the first to go bankrupt.

Many non-Trump supporters who have found out about this plan have gone pro-Trump. Some believe that he is the cause of the bankruptcies, although this is unconfirmed. But, because of his opinion on the matter, his followers have been growing by the thousands everyday. Phentermine diet pills

The billionaire supposedly sent a message to the FBI saying that his plans to annihilate all of these companies has already been set in motion, and he plans to continue going until every last one of them has been screwed. When the FBI brought this up to the president, he didn’t want to do anything about it. He called it a joke and was deliberately trying to calm down the allegations of the FBI. This makes the president’s case a further suspicious one, but as a very powerful man, there is very little that the civilians can do.

As a pro-Van supporter, I urge whoever doesn’t know about this issue or is undecided to join me and save countless companies that have nowhere else to go. Or else, if we don’t, they will be replaced and turned into undesirable Costco stores. Costco will be everywhere and all the individually unique stores will vanish without your support. The world is in need and your vote is in the balance.

Visit this website to sign a petition in favor of saving Vans.