April Fools’ Prank Ideas For Next Year


By Shruthi Kumar, Staff Writer

Ah, April Fools’ Day. The one day that isn’t even officially a holiday, yet every kid seems to take way too seriously. This year, it seems like kids were in for a nasty shock. Easter and April Fools’ landed on the same day, making it easier for parents to trick their child into staying candy-less. Nevertheless, there are a few pranks to pull that definitely take the cake to making this day incredibly memorable.


  1. A Jar Full Of Mayo

Who doesn’t like mayonnaise? It’s the perfect condiment to go on sandwiches, salads, and much more! But, when it comes to eating straight up mayo, some draw the line. For this prank, you need an empty mayonnaise jar, a lot of vanilla Snack Pack Puddings, and a lot of time on your hands. Slowly fill the jar with the vanilla pudding, making sure it looks as if it were mayo in the jar, and fill the container up! Then, throughout the day, take a spoon and eat from the jar! This prank is definitely going to get looks of disgust and is a great way to snack during classes!


  1. Presents!

Who doesn’t like presents? For this prank, you’re going to need a whole bunch of gift boxes ranging from big to small. The wider the variety the better! Make sure they can fit into one another. Start off by neatly wrapping and decorating the boxes. Then, put them inside one another. As the receiver starts to go through the hassle of opening all the boxes from biggest to smallest, they are met with a nasty shock after they open the tiniest box: nothing! You might need to get a backup gift for playing with them, though.


  1. Shaving Cream

Ah, the classic shaving cream trick. This trick works in a whole bunch of scenarios! Simply substitute the actual ingredient for the shaving cream and watch the prank unfold! Watch the sour expression as someone realizes their toothpaste is shaving cream! See the looks of disgust when the creamy swirl of whipped cream on top of food is actually a dollop of shaving cream! This trick is definitely a classic and is sure to yield excellent results!


  1. No Chocolate

This one definitely is crueler than the other pranks suggested, and as of this year, was a popular prank to pull amongst the parents. Since Easter and April Fools’ fell on the same day, parents lucked out of buying their kids massive amounts of candy. Parents promised their children the delectable sweet treats, but keeping true to the spirit of April first, pranked them and said that they had no candy. Win for the parents, definite loss for the kids.


  1. Lighting Bugs

This one is simple to do and has pretty good results. All one needs to do is to cut out a few insect outlines from paper and tape the outlines to the inside of a lamp. Afterwards, when the lamp is turned on, the eerie outline of an ominous bug is seen, causing the viewer to go into a panic.


But, of course, make sure to keep your pranks and jokes respectable and courteous to others next year on April Fools’!